Carrie Greene

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Good Decision Making For Your Business

05th December 2016
I'm not so sure the saying "a diamond's a girl's best friend" is true. Go ahead and read these two stories, then let me know what you think... Diamond Story 1: About five years ago I received a wonderful present from my mother-in-law. A pair of 18 k... Read >

The Secret to Sales Conversations When Price Doesn't Matter

05th December 2016
If you're in business you've almost certainly heard "That's a lot of money. I don't know if I can afford that." I bet you'd prefer to hear "I don't care what it costs, fix it!" How do you help someone understand the value of what they are getting by... Read >

Sales Calls: 5 Rules to Making Them and Getting Call Backs

17th June 2015
You know you have to do them. You know that they are the foundation to a profitable business. You don't have a choice…the dreaded sales call. You may have lists of names of people to follow up with. People you've met at networking events. Someone that ... Read >

It's Not My Time… It's Your Reputation

03rd April 2015
Honestly my first thought was "How rude of these people to waste my time." This past month I've been to four business-building events. I was a speaker at three of them. I booked over seventy-five "follow-up appointments". I had team members block the ... Read >